User Interface Design for multiple devices

How happy you are with your phone company? Happy, very happy, not very happy? What if you could measure the performance of it services, so next time you spend 5 minutes loading a video from youtube you could actually call costumer service and ask for a faster download speed in your area?

Of course, you all of this you can do it now without any app to help, but what make My Mobile Coverage an extremely helpful tool is that it will put numbers and stats to your opinion. Now next time somebody asks you if you phone company offers a good service, you can actually say, Yes, I’m 12% happier that I was last month.

Also phone companies are very pleased to count with My Mobile Coverage services, since there are many players involved in a market that cannot grow more, the company who offer the best services at the best price will increase its market share without a doubt. My Mobile Coverage offers to phone companies detail information about every event, lost phone call, low download speed and patches without coverage in a urban area.

This app offers enough user created information in real time so the company will only have to focus their time and energy on fixing bugs If you need to solve a problem the first step is to know as much as you can about the problem. My Mobile Coverage offers the tools to inform the involved parties affected by the problem, user and company, in a very efficient and clear manner.

Something interesting, that not many people may now, there is not a standard velocity when it comes about defining G2, G3, or G4, with My Mobile Coverage you will be able to know exactly what a fast connection means.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit My Mobile Coverage website and install their apps in every one of your mobile devices.