What are the kind of things you can leave to chance?  At the top of my mind would be predicting where a lightning is going to strike.  For Brigthex lightning and their costumers, protecting the lives of their employees and their investment on equipment and installations is in such a high value that they developed a way to detect potential lightning threads in an range of 38 kilometers and neutralize the electrical field in the clouds around the  area.


This is the perfect solution for institutions and companies like airports, power generation facilities, shield government, national defense infrastructure, industrial plants, oil and gas installations, meteorological sites, aviation centers, and more, where planning for the unexpected is a common practice.

Brightex Lighting had their systems installed in places like the Software Development Center of the Industrial and Commerce Bank of China in Zuhai City of the Guangdong province with an excellent record of success.  This city is located in a tropical monsoons area, with an average of 64 thunder storms a years.  In the past, this building had installed traditional lightning rods to attract and discharge lighting, the problem was that once the lighting stroked the building, it produced a huge electromagnetic pulse damaging the computer systems and causing injuries to the personnel.  Since the Brightex systems have been installed the total incidents caused by a lightning have been reduce to 0.

The software had to create a customized report displaying the activity and efficiency of the system during a certain period of time.


I know, it is so great that sounds like science fiction, right? This is great technology and there are many interesting facts about this project that you will be able to find on the website Brightex Lightning.

The great team of VHS Consulting asked Berumen Design to collaborate with the user interface design of the control panel for the client’s software.